Tales of Success From a perspective of an objective observer and recorder

1.0 Introduction

It is certain that nearly all of the CUHK(SZ) students and a number of CUHK(SZ) staff often heard about the most famous name Success Alan Zhang or a shorter but more powerful form – Success. Many of you may wonder: why is he called Success? The purpose of this article is to inform you of the tales of Success – the most famous and excellent student in CUHK(SZ).

2.0 Excellence prior to entering the university

I, prior to entering CUHK(SZ), was a student from Yichang No. 1 Senior High School, and this school is also the alma mater of Success, for which I always feel extremely honored.

In Yichang No.1 Senior High School, there is a tradition – the school will select the top students from each science class and form a competitive top class, which is informally called “Science Rocket Class “(理科火箭班)generally by students and teachers and formally called “Science Experimental Class”(理科实验班). Success is just one of the students in this Rocket Class. We can simply infer how excellent he is from the fact that science students in Hubei are generally very competitive and competent nationally and Yichang No.1 Senior High School ranks top in Hubei Province. As a weak arts student, I have witnessed several times when Success ranks top 10 among the whole grade.

Apart from superior academic performance, Success also has lots of other talents like photography – he usually provided the school media with beautiful photos and Poppin(机械舞) – I have seen Success as the instructor and leader of a Poppin performance in 2012 Campus Art Festival of Yichang No.1 Senior High School. Below is the picture of this still famous performance.


3.0 Success as a Spiritual Successor of Steve Jobs

As is generally acknowledged that, Success is a loyal fan of the also successful company – Apple and a spiritual successor of Steve Jobs. When Success just came to CUHK(SZ), he was just a young boy who used Xiaomi Phone 3 (see the picture below).


In just 18 months (which is also a cycle indicated by Moore’s Law), Success has become a skilled user of  Macbook Pro 13 (2014 Early Version), iPhone 6 , iPad Mini 2 (which went out of service after Success’s fall into a river) and iPad Air 2 as well as a master of iOS and Mac OS X. Below is a famous IT class video model made by Success, from this video we can learn the interface evolution of computers. This video also shows Success’s deep understanding of Mac OS X and iOS.

Video link

In Success’s dorm, he has various versions of Steve Jobs(《乔布斯传》), among which there must be an English original version. Success, not only  a fan of Apple, but also a Spiritual Successor of Steve Jobs, usually criticizes Tim Cook and gives Success’ s own ideas of how Apple should operate. All his ideas sound quite reasonable and rational to me, an objective observer and recorder.

4.0 Success as an outstanding B-BOX performer

One talent among all Success’s diverse talents I didn’t mention is that Success is also an outstanding B-BOX performer. Success’s first performance started on Sept. 8th, 2014, the mid-autumn day evening party at CUHK(SZ) Letian Building 1F. Below is the picture showing Success’s first show with Patrick Xin and Gilbert Lee.


Success’s second show was on Nov. 20th, 2014, the Fall Concert held by Music Union.


Success’s Latest show was on the 2015 Welcome Party. Due to my incompetence, I cannot find any image.

However, all these show that Success is a good B-BOX performer.

5.0 Success as a mature organizer and native-English-speaking orator and host

The only pure student English Social Club – English Animator was set up by Success. It’s no wonder that Success speaks extraordinarily fluent English, even more fluent than native speakers. Apart from fluent oral Enlgish, Success is more an English orator and host.

One famous event in CUHK(SZ) is the first public English Animator event – Cake & Debate. It is really a miracle that an event can attract so many people since we only have about 300 students in the year 2014-2015. In this event, Success shows his outstanding English oration skills and his oral English skills are very likely to remain the top in a few years among all Chinese students.


Success is usually the formal English host in big school events. For example, the host of the opening ceremony of  2015 Campus Film Festival was Success.


A very recent example is that Success is the only male host of  2015 SME High Table Dinner, which is very likely to be the most formal and big events of the year.


Apart from all these public events, Success also shows strong English application in daily lives. For example, the 2014 international student Twinkle often communicates with mainland students in Chinese but only communicates with Success in English.

I am also very honored to study in the same summer school in 2015 with Success – University of British Columbia Summer School so that I have seen Success’s successful daily communication with all other native speakers. In this summer school, Success as the only Chinese, cooperated with other three English-speaking Singaporean students from Singapore Management School and made a success in the final presentation.

I am also very lucky to study in the same English class in the 1st term of academic year 2015-2016 with Success, from which I learned so much about English speech skills from Success. Even the English Coordinator of our university, Dr. GONG Wengao, also thinks highly of Success. Dr. GONG said that “Alan, if you are in Singapore, people will say ‘Alan, you are a Chinese’ because Singaporean generally don’t think a Chinese should speak so fluent English”. In English, Success showed his confidence for always being the first to speak.

In addition, in the course MGT 2020 Principles of Management, Success is also elected as the best presenter by all team leaders. His English presentation skill is also appreciated by Dr. Hui Chui Hong, a former senior manager of Orcale in Asia Pacific region (前甲骨文公司亚太地区高级管理人员). Below is the group presentation of Success’s group, let’s sincerely study it and learn from it.

Video link

Success also once took part in the student sharing of CUHK(SZ) to distinguished visitors in early 2015.

Video link

6.0 Success as a successful and insightful entrepreneur and marketing officer

The reason why Success is called Success is that he is successful.  Why he is successful?

First, Success worked part time at a English-teaching institution – Speakool at Coco Park using his outstanding English skills and knowledge and earned much.

Second, Success is very insightful and works with several business plans including the campus refreshment outlet plan and the famous 1 million RMB English-teaching institution plan (see Introductory Business Practice). Though 1 million RMB English-teaching institution plan was not completed, is it really easy for just a 19-year-old sophomore student to get the chance of an investment of 1 million RMB just in his first entrepreneurial practice? Not really, but this is extremely hard for the majority of all his peers. But Success did it. The reason why Success rejected this plan is that Success has his insight of the industry and after mature reflection, he rejected, which is rare and commendable.

Third,  Success is the co-founder and executive marketing officer of this platform Qianjian.  Do I have to say other words?


7.0 Other achievements and talents of Success

Success still pursues his photography interest in the university. After his SLR camera was broken in the summer of 2015, he could still shot beautiful photos only with his iPhone 6.
Success is also an expert in badminton, and he won a prize in the CUHK(SZ) badminton competition.

Success is a runner, and he keeps running all the time even when he suffered from jet lag in Vancouver, Canada, which is remarkable.

Success is also a fabulous video maker. He has made the advertising video of CUHK(SZ) Hubei province, the advertising video of Speakool, the advertising video of English Animator.

Success also has very good academic record even in the university. He earned the highest mark in the math final exam in May, 2015 and he is the leader of Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management stream.

8.0 Conclusion

Why Success is called Success? He is called Success for reasons.

He is just Success, and Success is him.

He redefines the word “Success”.

This conclusion is from an objective observer and recorder and, all his achievements are real but not made up.


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so 50%polishing+50%dry goods=a passage about a irreplaceable guy who has core competencies and extra favorable qualities.


You should write his biography.


His English Name should not merely be translated into “Success”, but instead should be “Success After-all”, as is mentioned in Lao Deng’s recent lecture.

Se Fans
Se Fans

Can you elaborate more on what Lao Deng has said?


The old driver is just as successful as success.


No I am not the old driver, but you are very likely to be the old driver.


This article isn’t a joke, is it?


Yea, its not