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你已经完成了所有的注册流程。接下来,我们会向你发送一封确认邮件,点击邮件内的链接后,你就可以登录并发布作品了! 登录后,你将被带至你的个人主页。在那里你可以上传头像、修改各种个人信息。 You have finished all registration procedure. Next, we will send you a confirmation email. After confirmation, you will be ready to publish your works! After logging in, you will be taken to your profile page. You can upload your avatar and change your bio.

如何撰稿?How to post my works?

登陆后,在浅见任何页面的左上角有MENU,点击即可看到撰稿以及其他更多选项。 On any page, there is a MENU button on the top-left corner. Click to get started.